Rely on your competitors advertising efforts?

O.K short disclaimer first, I tweeted Robert about Softlayer advertising on Twitter for Rackspace mentions, and, I am also very interested to talk with and have tried multiple times to get Rackspace as an Advertising client for BuySellAds.

After our exchange Robert tweeted:

I think it’s awesome that if you search for @rackspace on Twitter you see an ad from a competitor. Why? See next tweet.

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How to watch BBC iPlayer on your AppleTV

728x90banner promo How to watch BBC iPlayer on your AppleTV

OK so I live in Germany and am paying 20 Euro a month for a ‘Premium’ package that includes some crappy English channels, the only thing I actually watch is old re-runs of King of Queens (Doug & Carrie, Doug & Carrie, Doug & Carrie, Doug & Carrie…).

So it being Sunday I thought I would try and get BBC iPlayer working on my AppleTV.

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Bluetooth headphones myth or reality?

I recently purchased a set of Jabra Halo Bluetooth headphones, to say I was disappointed is an understatement.

I sent back the Jabra headphones and got a refund but along the way I tweeted my thoughts about the quality of the sound from these headphones and advised people in general to give Bluetooth headphones a miss.

Jabra wasn’t listening, Creative Labs were.

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Do you Google+ ?

I think it will be a while before there is any kind of importing of other networks?

I’m here

Add a link to your Plus in the comments! To make it useful for people to see if they should connect with you add a few words about what you do or are interested in.

Like ” Hi my name is Roger, I’m an Aries and I like Photography and Rainbows and work in Advertising….”

The Social Media ProBook

-How to optimize your Facebook newsfeed to be seen by as many fans as possible (by Jeff Widman, aka “The Facebook Whisperer”)

-How to scale your social media program globally (by superstar Intel strategiests Ekaterina Walter and Bryan Rhoads)

-How to measure something other than “Likes” (by Vector David himself)

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Markdown Textexpander snippets

So I’ve been using Markdown quite a bit and have always been a fan of TextExpander.

While writing I found that there are quite a few shortcuts to be had for marking up your text as Markdown and saved them in to a little group of snippets.

There are lots more possible but these few will start you off, are easy to remember and should get your brain working on how to create your own.

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Take your competition out with good listening

I moan quite a bit, no seriously I do, I know I do.

Recently I got fed up with never having enough USB ports in my iMac (Yes you can buy a hub, I did but that was later) so I had to plug and unplug things all day long.

This included the old USB headset that I use for Skype calls.

Well I got fed up with plugging in and unplugging so I thought a spanky new Bluetooth headset was in order.

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Personal Contact

I’m all for it but if you don’t follow up then you’ve lost at the first hurdle.

What I’m talking about is what I have seen to be good marketing in the form of Founders sending a personal email to you on sign up to their App or Service asking if they can help.

Yes we all know they are automated and yes they probably get answered afterwards by someone who isn’t the Founder, but it’s still a nice touch and in some rare cases it really is the Founder who you deal with.

But what happens when they get too busy and start to let those messages slip by?

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Your Ads don’t have Leprosy!

or alternatively-

“Does Marcellis Wallis look like a bitch?”

“Then why you wanna F*ck him like a bitch?”

Advertising for many people is the ONLY way they monetize their traffic

But for some reason you treat them like the second cousin you only meet at Weddings and Funerals that you don’t want to talk to because they ‘smell funny’.

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Should Apple have a Bloggers Slush fund?

Apple is HUGE! You already know that.

But what I was thinking is the extent that the blogging world fuels (for free) the Apple marketing machine.

Should Apple create a Bloggers slush fund, I mean lets face it they don’t need to but should they.

At last count there was 1,372,674* Apple related blogs on the internet.

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If You Don’t Answer Your Email Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

We all have a lot of mail!

Our inboxes are all full!

Why do YOU think you’re special?

If someone takes the time to email you then answer it.

I don’t even care if you use some kind of automated priority system.

I emailed Patrick Rhone recently and I totally get that he’s a busy guy with a ton of mail, but even though I received an auto response, to be honest that was fine, I especially like that he has a system within the auto response that if you really need to get hold of him then you can using Awayfind.

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Be careful where you shit

Or is it don’t shit in your own backyard?

No I mean ‘take your own medicine’…

Well the point of this is to highlight a great resource if you haven’t seen it already, I’m ‘in the club’ having spent a wedge of cash on a few of their products, ah wait that’s the quote I was looking for ‘Separate the sheep from the goats’… no that’s still not it.

O.K I’ll get to the point.


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