If You Don’t Answer Your Email Now, You’ll Hate Yourself Later.

We all have a lot of mail!

Our inboxes are all full!

Why do YOU think you’re special?

If someone takes the time to email you then answer it.

I don’t even care if you use some kind of automated priority system.

I emailed Patrick Rhone recently and I totally get that he’s a busy guy with a ton of mail, but even though I received an auto response, to be honest that was fine, I especially like that he has a system within the auto response that if you really need to get hold of him then you can using Awayfind.

I emailed John Gruber the other day, what I proposed to him probably isn’t a great fit this time but he had the courtesy to answer.

There is nothing more annoying than writing to someone and not receiving anything back, for me personally if I write to you it’s generally for YOU! Not for me.

I’m one of these people that go out of my way to let someone know of a problem with their product or site, some spelling mistakes or bad links etc.

There is nothing that PISSES me off more than that person fixing it and not acknowledging you tipped them off.

You might say well Rog they’re just not answering you.


I see many people complaining about it, one I read recently was Adii Pienaar Courtesy & Answering Your E-mail

We can also seriously stop playing the “my inbox is bigger than yours”-game

You know out of all the people you think are most unlikely to answer your mail are usually the ones who WILL answer your email, because they ‘get’ it.

It’s usually the people who think they are important that are the ones that play those games.

Some of the most effective emails are only 3 sentences long*.

So just answer!

*Some statistics or facts are made up on the spot.

**Dramatic post title courtesy of Copyblogger