Rely on your competitors advertising efforts?

O.K short disclaimer first, I tweeted Robert about Softlayer advertising on Twitter for Rackspace mentions, and, I am also very interested to talk with and have tried multiple times to get Rackspace as an Advertising client for BuySellAds.

After our exchange Robert tweeted:

I think it’s awesome that if you search for @rackspace on Twitter you see an ad from a competitor. Why? See next tweet.

We’ve learned that having the best informed customers possible makes them more loyal and happier. So, when competitors advertise it helps!

In Roberts view people searching for Rackspace are already doing their homework and an advert from a competitor shouldn’t disuade them from their due diligence in finding the best solution.

Insert 2 week delay while this has been sitting in drafts

The more I think about this the more I like it, hard to measure but smart.