Congratulations you picked up the phone!

Little rant.

I see this a lot and it really irks me.

People congratulating companies and individuals who use Twitter because they reply to your tweets.

‘So and so really gets Social Media’

‘they’re really on the ball with their community’

Do we call them and say hey, well done you picked up the phone and spoke with me, really good work…?

If you tried to call a company and they didn’t answer your telephone call, what would you do?

Twitter & Facebook aren’t new Ladies & Gents, if the company you are trying to deal with doesn’t get it by now then in all likelihood there is something wrong with them or their service already #boldstatement.

Vote with your feet, think of Twitter as a telephone, if they have a presence and they don’t answer a question then go to one of their competitors, simple.

Or is it?