Take your competition out with good listening

I moan quite a bit, no seriously I do, I know I do.

Recently I got fed up with never having enough USB ports in my iMac (Yes you can buy a hub, I did but that was later) so I had to plug and unplug things all day long.

This included the old USB headset that I use for Skype calls.

Well I got fed up with plugging in and unplugging so I thought a spanky new Bluetooth headset was in order.

I asked around and a few were recommended.

I decided on the Jabra Halo, when they arrived all nicely packed I got straight in and set them up…

To be honest I was horrified, the sound quality from iMac to Headphones for Music was terrible, the call quality over Skype sounded no different to using the built in Mic on the Mac (the Mic input on the Jabra is inside the headset so basically around your ears).

Using the Jabra with an iPhone was no better, I could put the phone in my right trouser pocket and the connection was OK but with some cutting out, but put the phone in my left trouser pocket and it sounded like a stuttering teenager asking for his first packet of condoms at the Pharmacy.

Needless to say I moaned on Twitter about them ( I told you I moaned).

Now for the exercise in marketing.

Creative reached out asking me to give Bluetooth another chance, they didn’t belittle Jabra or say they were better they just asked me if I would like to try out their new (yet to be released) WP-350 Bluetooth headphones.

I never heard anything from Jabra about my complaint, I assume they aren’t listening and don’t care, but I sent my Jabra back to Amazon and got my money back.

I won’t try Jabra as a brand again, the product I did try didn’t work and they cared nothing about my complaint.

OK so I haven’t actually got the headphones yet, I’ve exchanged emails with Creative and am yet to receive their product but will make sure I write up an honest review when I do.

The point I wanted to make here is that it’s OK to contact people about your products and you shouldn’t think of it as spamming, if you see someone who might be a good fit for your product or service then speak up, I think the spammers have got to such a point on Twitter for e.g.. that people are afraid to use Twitter for what it is great for which is reaching out to prospective connections.