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I was in the car today and had a flash of inspiration for an idea for an iPhone app.

Well bugger me if my problem isn’t already solved…

Enter Dropvox and Dropin

Dropvox has been available for a while it’s basically a Voice Recorder for iPhone that saves your recordings to your Dropbox folder.

The problem I had with it was there was nothing on the Mac side to remind you that you recorded something.

So enter Dropin, this app monitors your Dropbox and provides notifications (highlight the menubar icon, growl & sound) of file changes within. I think the main intention is to provide notifications if you work in teams and someone in your team updates a file you’re working together on, but I found it a perfect solution to just remind me that I left a voice message for myself when I come home.

And as Mike Alderson pointed out to me, if the Dropbox folder is shared between a team then this is a low impact way of getting voice messages out to a team of people.

If you want some more detailed info on Dropin then check out the MacAppstorm post How To Give Dropbox a Functionality Boost With DropIn

by Roger Byrne

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