Focus on your writing

Some people need tools and focus some just need more writing skills.

I’m the latter, for me it’s not the tools that I need it’s the practice.

Minimal writing apps are all the rage, I have to admit I’ve checked most of them out at some point or another.

I came to the conclusion for me that the app doesn’t matter, it’s what I am writing and just doing it.

Out of interest and just for the hell of writing something, here is a quick list of the minimal focus writing apps on Mac. I’m sure there are others but it’s late and I just can’t focus…maybe I need one of these apps after all?

First up is the latest release from iA, which I won’t actually be buying as I refuse to buy something on chance that it fits my needs, they don’t offer any kind of trial.

Update: I caved and bought it, it’s just so pretty… ;)

iA Writer

  • Special release price $17.99

mac fullscreen2 560x350 Focus on your writing


iA Writer for Mac from Oliver Reichenstein on Vimeo.


  • $9.99

This is actually my favorite but I haven’t bought it it’s still on a trial.

A simple typing interface.

A text editor that gets out of the way when you are writing. Every accessory element fades away when you are typing so that all you see is text.

Byword01 560x350 Focus on your writing


  • $24.99

When I’m not just typing in the WordPress new post interface and feeling nostalgic I’ll use Writeroom to knock out a few words in its retro green environment…

mac os screen 560x483 Focus on your writing


  • Two versions Free and Premium, pay as you like, but a minimum of $4.11

OmmWriter Dana is a humble attempt to recapture what technology has snatched away from us today: our capacity to concentrate.

If you like a plain writing interface and some funky background music and keyboard noises this is the one for you, personally they annoyed the hell out of me and I didn’t like the UI so much.

Ommwriter 560x310 Focus on your writing


Introducing OmmWriter D?na from hs&co on Vimeo.


  • $2.99

Haven’t tried this one but a cheap price tag and looks Ronseal.

writer 560x350 Focus on your writing