Markdown Textexpander snippets

So I’ve been using Markdown quite a bit and have always been a fan of TextExpander.

While writing I found that there are quite a few shortcuts to be had for marking up your text as Markdown and saved them in to a little group of snippets.

There are lots more possible but these few will start you off, are easy to remember and should get your brain working on how to create your own.

Links in Markdown are of the format

       [Anchor Text](

,[ = [%clipboard] – this will expand to create the text for a link from whatever is on your clipboard. eg the sitename or post title.

,( = (%clipboard) – copy the url you want to link to to the clipboard and then initiate this snippet.

,* = %clipboard Copy the text you want to make Bold to the clipboard and this snippet will surround the word with ** and paste it back.

I tried importing some other peoples snippets once and from a list of 20 or more I could only ever remember one or two, the shortcut triggers I found are quite personal to each persons brain, so start making them yourself is my best advice.

The group can be downloaded and then to import into TextExpander open TE and then hit the + button in the bottom left corner and ‘Import Group from File’.