Using Markdown

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May 31, 2011 – I recently stated that I didn’t see the point of Markdown.

I was wrong, in fact so wrong that learning how to use it has made writing blog posts so much easier, O.K well…

Markdown + iA Writer + AlfredApp + Renaming a couple of keys on my German keyboard so I can use [ and ] easier.

Using Markdown

Using AlfredApp and with HUGE props to David Ferguson for figuring it out when I asked on Twitter, I now have the ability to Launch a new file already titled and created in my Dropbox folder and open it with iAWriter just with the command ‘nf DocTitleHere’ well I’m as happy as Larrys Uncles Mothers Cousin who is bathing in excrement.

The ability to launch into a file at the click of a few buttons takes away a little bit of pain, pain you say? opening an app saying File new, giving it a title, saving it in the right place after you’ve typed some, etc. etc.

Well no not really pain but try this setup and see how much nicer it is to use Alfred to create, title, place and start typing.

For anyone that’s using AlfredApp already the following command will do this for you.

You MUST have a licence for the Alfred Powerpack to do this though.

  • Go in to Alfreds Preferences
  • Terminal / Shell
  • New shortcut

Fill in the details requested like Title, Description etc.

And in the command section type

touch /Users/rogermbyrne/Dropbox/Writer/{query}.txt; open /Users/rogermbyrne/Dropbox/Writer/{query}.txt

Obviously replacing the /Users/ path to where you want the new document to be created.

Don’t forget to tick Silent next to the new shortcut:

Alfred Using Markdown

Also forgot to mention, whatever you have set as your default app to edit .txt files is obviously the one which the new file will open up in, I have just set iA Writer as default now instead of Textedit (Sorry TextEdit you’re nice but it’s over).

O.K the whole point really was about Markdown but I haven’t really got the energy to carry on writing so I’m going to split this in to two parts.

‘The beginning’ ie. this blethering post of nothing to do with Markdown apart from being written in it and then a second part which is ‘the end’.

This is the beginning.

The End will come soon.

Disclaimer: All if any of the typos in this document are the fault of Oliver Reichenstein @iA please ask him nicely to put in a Spellchecker for plebs like me.

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