Personal Contact

I’m all for it but if you don’t follow up then you’ve lost at the first hurdle.

What I’m talking about is what I have seen to be good marketing in the form of Founders sending a personal email to you on sign up to their App or Service asking if they can help.

Yes we all know they are automated and yes they probably get answered afterwards by someone who isn’t the Founder, but it’s still a nice touch and in some rare cases it really is the Founder who you deal with.

But what happens when they get too busy and start to let those messages slip by?

I recently signed up for a service and around 30 minutes after sign up was confronted with an email from the Founder of the service that exclaimed:

P.S. If we can help at all, feel free to just reply to this message!

I did, that was on Friday morning. I had a problem and couldn’t use their service until I heard back from them.

Monday I get another automated follow up, remember I can’t use their service yet and have asked how I can.

We’ve noticed that XYZ hasn’t sent you any alerts in the past few days.

If you’re having any trouble or have questions about XYZ, we’d love to hear from you. Just reply to this message and feel free to share your thoughts!

So I replied ‘Reply again?, I did that Friday and you haven’t answered that one….’

It’s Tuesday still nothing and I still can’t use the service.