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I wondered if it would be possible to promote some posts from some of my Twitter followers so on Saturday night (yes I was home), I asked:

From your own blog if u could have ONE post on the front page of Digg which would you choose, @ reply me the url pls!

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How To Master Photoshop In Just One Week

So you want to master Photoshop huh? You’ve come to the right place. This is the first part of a three part series that will help you to master Photoshop in and out in just one week. Today’s part is all about getting to know the basics of the program and how to operate the complex software – nothing amazing, but you need to crawl before you can walk!

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Obama Twitter

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Are Tomatoes a Fruit or a Vegetable? (And How to Use the Tomato Strategy to Win Against All Odds)

Not so fast. If we just go along with the seeds, cucumbers, corn, green beans and walnuts would come under fruits too. Practical definition of an object comes from how it is used, not from what it has. From function – not form. Because tomatoes are used in savoury and not in sweet cooking – and are never served as desserts, they are not fruits. They are vegetables.

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Inspiration the Beauty of 3D Typography

Everybody loves typography in design. Playing around with characters in an awesome way really gets the attention of the viewer, especially when the typography is in motion. This article is showcasing the most beautiful 3d typography for your design inspiration, including 5 tutorials on how to create your very own

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Thematic, A WordPress Theme Framework

THIS IS MORE THAN JUST A WORDPRESS THEME: Thematic is a highly extensible, search-engine optimized WordPress Theme Framework featuring 13 widget-ready areas, grid-based layout samples, styling for popular plugins and more. The coding, functionality and support rivals the best in “premium” themes. With one, important, difference—Thematic is completely free and open source.

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Plot Your Twitter Followers On A Map

Yahoo Pipes are a pretty cool way to create mashups fast and this post will teach you how to plot your Twitter followers or friends on a map and embed it into your blog in less than five minutes!

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Coping With a Broken Engagement

I certainly hope that none of my readers are going through the same ordeal as I am, because it sucks and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. But I have been fumbling my way through life for eight days since the breakup now and have tried a number of things to help myself feel better. Many of them have worked, many have not, and I wanted to share my coping strategies. These might be helpful for getting through any major crisis, in fact – not just a breakup.

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50+ Kick Ass Logos for Inspiration

I looked at over 2000 logos on various inspiration sites to grab the 50+ best logos (in my opinion) to fuel your logo design inspiration. Some more resources below the post.

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School of Photoshop

Ready to take that big leap into the world of Photoshop? It may seem really intimidating at first, which is why we’ve put together the School of Photoshop Tutorial series. With the help of these structured lessons, you’ll be a master of Photoshop in no time!

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Unique Sources Of Inspiration For Designers. Part One.

They say inspiration can be found anywhere, this is so true. Sometimes you can find inspiration in your current wallpaper design, perhaps it’s something you spot while out walking the dog. Inspiration is everywhere…

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12 of the funniest marketing videos

Every once in a while, reading becomes boring. Reading not only becomes boring, but blogging also gets on our nerves because we cannot get out what we’re trying to explain in the fullest, most visual context. Well, I have found the solution to that problem! These videos are the perfect reminder that sometimes we take ourselves too seriously, and sometimes, its ok to sit back and laugh at ourselves, and our jobs.

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The Myth About Batman

For all that I do, and all that I try to do, and for as many places as I try to be to help others, I can only do the work of one man. That means that I need a whole cast of characters to help, a whole bunch of fellow crusaders who have similar interests, or supporting goals, or who are just generally great people.

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16 tips to improve as a graphic designer

Graphic design is a field that is quickly changing, both creatively and technically, and while it is easy to get caught up in learning new technical skills, it is just as important to focus improving and pushing the limits of our creativity.

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ABCs: Everything I need to know about life I learned in my twenties.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying people teach what they want to learn. The past month for me has been facilitating what I wanted to learn. By coming up with what I saw to be the major areas of life that twentysomethings deal with, and then asking for the community to contribute I’ve learned so much.

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Free Tools for the Beginning Book Designer

See, I’ve been thinking about novice book designers starting out. It can be an expensive proposition when one begins, I realize, all while striving to get one’s foot in the door. Hardware is just the initial investment.

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The ImJustCreative Branding Story – Part 1 – Pre History

Before the dawn of ImJustCreative, and evolution took grasp, existed a part-time freelance chap who went by the name of DigitalSlave. It was a cool name at the time, some 8 years ago, and whilst still working for a larger commercial printers, he enjoyed a successful and steady flow of customers.

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10 seamless website designs

One of the challenges in designing websites is to create a layout which takes into account all the different screen sizes at which it may be viewed. Some websites use fluid layouts (where sections of content will automatically resize to fit the screen dimensions) to get around this.

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20+ 8-Bit Inspirations – Web Design, Graphic Design, Gadgets and Items Inspired by Retro 8-Bit Graphics

If you are like me, then you grew up in an era full of retro things like Blocky Cell Phones, Blocky Graphics, and Rubik’s Cube. The world was a very different place back then. But Even though we have smooth graphics and amazing resolution images these days, Its still nice to look back on the good old 80’s 8-bit graphics for inspiration.

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20+ Sites to Find Design Inspiration

There is always a constant need for inspiration to feed our creativity. Here are 21 websites to find great inspiration.

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Golden rule: Deliver on your promises and the expectations of others

To be able to deliver you have to know the expectations. No matter if it is a project at work or in a relationship. It all comes down to communication.

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Show Me Your Dock!

Are you ever curious how your dock compares to other designers docks? I know I am! Here’s your chance to get a look at 42 designers docks! Be sure to click the images for a larger view – some of you had realllllly big docks!

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