The Best Todo List app EVAR!

Chase Jarvis once said ‘the best camera is the one in your hand’.

Or something like that.

This isn’t about Cameras but ToDo lists.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that you need to put these things in your hands and try them yourself, recommendations for ToDo systems and how to use them don’t work in my mind. Edited for Rick because he says real friends tell you when you’re talking bollocks!

At the moment I use a combination of Task Paper and Quickcal, Taskpaper for notes and Todos and anything that has a time limit or end date gets added to a calendar that’s it.


TaskPaper 450x303 The Best Todo List app EVAR!

Not a cheap solution by any means but I love it’s simplicity.


teuxdeux 450x255 The Best Todo List app EVAR!

TeuxDeux is a simple, designy, to-do app. If you like making to-do lists, you will love TeuxDeux. Use the free browser-based TeuxDeux at work/home and then take your to-do’s on the road with the iPhone app.

Nice and minimal, wasn’t for me though but worth a try.


Producteev 450x357 The Best Todo List app EVAR!

Ever missed an action item buried in your email? Say hello to Producteev! Forward your important emails to we’ll create to-do lists on the fly and send you alerts when needed.

Producteev seemed to be the perfect solution for me tying together Email and Tasks, actually not really sure why I stopped using it.


Remember The Milk 450x325 The Best Todo List app EVAR!

I had a Pro account of RTM a long time ago before the iPad and iPhone apps where released, it’s been too long since using it to remember why I don’t anymore, I think it was the lack of a Desktop app that moved me away and I didn’t like using it in a Fluid instance.

I think if it had a native Menubar app I might try it again as I liked the simplicity.


Things 450x344 The Best Todo List app EVAR!

Task management has never been this easy. Simplicity, however, is not achieved at the expense of powerful features.

Unfortunately although off to an amazing start Things seems to have been left behind with a lack of Cloud sync being the most complained about feature missing.

Update Strange timing but the day after this post I got an email to try out the Things ‘cloud sync beta’, if you still want to use Things and waiting for Cloud Sync you can sign up on their site.


OmniFocus  450x407 The Best Todo List app EVAR!

OmniFocus is designed to quickly capture your thoughts and allow you to store, manage, and process them into actionable to-do items.

Never used it, for my simple needs I think it’s Overkill but for larger projects I hear it highly recommended.


Wunderlist 450x225 The Best Todo List app EVAR!

No matter what needs to be done, from shopping lists to projects and todos – there is Wunderlist to manage it all.

Nice, also team collaboration but there were a couple of niggling points for me, one being the ability to add a url to a note and it be clickable which it wasn’t (they may have changed that now though?)


Flowapp 450x313 The Best Todo List app EVAR!

Flow is a task management app that makes working with your team a breeze.

Seems like a great option but I didn’t find the price attractive, I guess if it’s THE one for you and it saves you wasting money looking at others then it works out cheap in the end.