Twitter Lists Good? Bad? Ugly?

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Nov 14, 2009 – So what do you think?

So far I made a few lists but ended up deleting them, one has become pretty popular although intentionally trying to name it impersonally and in a niche I have still had several complaints from people.

Why am I not on it?

I can see they are a cool way to find people to follow but when I follow someone I really follow them I want them in my mainstream and I want them to know I’m following them.

Chris doesn’t like them! Robert loves them!

I’m trying something new, in preparation of Tweetdeck‘s support of lists which I hope is imminent, yesterday I started using Socialoomph formally known as TweetLater.

This tool has a Friend Finder feature, normally that would be used probably by some marketer’s to find people talking about certain keywords, but they have also added a new feature for lists.

In short terms this service finds people mentioning me ‘imrogb‘ and adds them to a queue for me to vet which I then manually approve or reject and then it follows the approved people and puts them in a list of my choosing.How are you using lists? Are you finding value yet or is Desktop client integration holding you back?

by Roger Byrne

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