How to watch BBC iPlayer on your Apple TV

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OK so I live in Germany and am paying 20 Euro a month for a ‘Premium’ package that includes some crappy English channels, the only thing I actually watch is old re-runs of King of Queens (Doug & Carrie, Doug & Carrie, Doug & Carrie, Doug & Carrie…).

So it being Sunday I thought I would try and get BBC iPlayer working on my Apple TV.

Here is how I did it, this is by no means the easiest way but after searching around I couldn’t find that easy solution, and this is what I used so far.

Of course if you are in the UK then you don’t need the VPN or Internet Sharing part of this.

  1. VPN account 1st month 4$ thereafter 8$, I’ve only just signed up and everything seems fine so far.
  2. Plex App installed on iMac (Free).
  3. iPlayer plugin for Plex App (Free). In Plex on your Mac goto Plex Online > More > All Available Plugins.
  4. Plex app on iPhone or iPad (4.99 USD) (note: iOS 5 beta running on iPad works fine, an older vers of iOS 4 running on an iPhone 3G wouldn’t work but the latest version of iOS on my wifes iPhone 4 works)
  5. Apple TV 2

So lets assume you have setup your VPN connection and are now connected, you then need to share your Internet connection using Internet Sharing on the iMac.

Connect your iOS device to that wifi signal instead of your home wifi signal.

Go into the Advanced setting on the Plex app for iOS and turn on Airplay.

Go into the Video Quality settings on Plex for iOS and change to 720p, 4MBps, I found that 1080p was ok but wanted to reduce the traffic a little just in case it affected the quality at all (play around and find the settings that work for you I don’t think these matter that much apart from the lower quality settings the picture will obviously be worse on a big screen).

Go to Channels in Plex on your iOS device then iPlayer (as long as you installed the plugin), then pick what you want to watch, once it’s loaded then you should see the Airplay button and can send it over to your Apple TV.

Bobs your mothers aunties uncles son!

Close Plex on your iPhone and it keeps running on your ATV.

by Roger Byrne

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