Who to follow on Twitter for Social Media & SEO tips

I recently shifted my interest not totally but more expanding my horizons from Design to SEO and Social Media.

As an avid Twitter user I searched for some interesting people to follow and listen to concerning these subjects, what I found that many people have keywords in their @username but never tweet a single thing about SEO or Social Media so I thought I would make a list of the people I found that are sharing tips either directly from Twitter or via posts that they tweet to Twitter.

In no particular order;


Owner of Yoast, making WordPress all Google friendly with some nice free plugins, has a tendency to waffle about his train rides and such but some gems in between ;)


New to Twitter but shares some nice link’s to Social Media posts.


Full time blogger who shares alot of good stuff, you might get upset with the fact that he tweets links to his blog comments via Twitter but some of them are pretty interesting.


Alot of interesting posts via his blog and does his best to try and interact with his 20K followers. Read his post ‘How I Use Twitter at Volume’.


One of most pleasant finds while searching for new ‘input’, his blog Top Rank Blog puts out some great stuff, last week I said ‘if you can get through all the PubCon posts but actually this last week those have been some of the most interesting.


Darren has recently started a useful resource in the form of TwiTip, where you’ll find gems like ’10 Easy Steps for Twitter Beginners’, the worst thing for Darren (or us) is the timezones when he’s getting up others are going to sleep!


Reads and shares some great stuff, Thankfully stopped using #Magpie!


Author of another Twitter list that hit big time on DIGG, some good SEO and Social Media links shared.


Some good SEO and Social media links.


SEO Tweeter extraordinaire and author of SEOBook.


Sharer of good things and the ONLY person I ever saw that instead of an auto follow script Thanking you or telling you about the latest ebook someone has to offer he actually setup an auto follow to suggest other interesting Tweeters to follow! Great stuff John!


He claims to tweet about SEO but most seem to be Twitter and Social Media related, he does tweet sometimes in Romanian but because of the interesting stuff he shares we can forgive him that! ;)


Mostly links to SEO, ‘How to get Back links’, ‘Will moving my domain help my SEO’ etc, good posts!


A self proclaimed ‘Social Media Diva’ sharing and interacting as and when.

This list is getting a bit too long for one post and I can feel peoples concentration starting to wane! Part 2 coming soon!

If you have any suggestions on interesting people to follow in the SEO, Social Media world then drop a comment and I’ll include them in the next Part, but call me selfish their are lots of self proclaimed people in these areas but I’m am looking for people who bring value to their followers by tweeting tips and links!